About Our Carbon Credit Program

Established in 2023, National Carbon Network has assembled a team of leaders committed to long-term success.

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Meet Our Team

Our family-owned organization is backed by a team of seasoned professionals equipped with extensive expertise in carbon sequestration and forest management programs. We offer hands-on services to ensure that each transaction is completed smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.

Our firm is driven by an unwavering dedication to delivering the highest level of customer service. We work rigorously and meticulously to guarantee the satisfaction of both landowners and carbon market investors.

Team Bio

Chelsea M. Bone

Chief Executive Officer

Frank Ellis

Director of Land

Flite Freimann

Director Of Operations

Kevin Kelly

Director of Finance

Tammy Rae Ellis

Director of Human Resources

Learn More About Our Organization

Contact our team for additional information about our carbon offset program. You may also get in touch with us for further questions, comments, and concerns about the opportunities available to our carbon market group members.